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Nothing too exciting in this blog post. We're now into week 6 i think of the lockdown and i'm still not bored. I'm not likely to run out of jobs or things to do before going back to work, and i'm thankful for that. Outdoor hobbies are certainly a big bonus for that, the garden for 1 is certainly never completely done!

Went for a beautiful walk this morning, just locally, along a track i'd never had the pleasure of before. Safe to say we'll be going there again, along the old Elsecar Canal.

I did take my camera, but firstly i've not looked at the few shots i've taken and secondly there wasn't a great deal to photograph. Although someone with a better photographic eye may think differently.

I thought i'd sit outside to write this blog entry, as the sun was shining at the time. Unfortunately since then it has seen fit to hide amongst the ever increasing clouds, leaving. slight chill in the air.

I think the time is coming to start planning future trips. The lockdown is likely to start to be lifted in the coming weeks, and even though i've not been at work, it would be good to book a few trips away to make up for the loss of our holiday which should have been this week.

High on the list of places to visit i think after the inevitable parent trips is Alnwick village, possibly incorporating the castle. A seaside visit, probably a couple of days with a stopover in Whitby to give us an opportunity to take in the NYMR again, which is ideal for my favourite kind of photography, steam trains.

Then naturally some spontaneous trips to the local National Trust/English Heritage properties as soon as they're open again.

Anyway, as i've finally wrote my first blog to go over 1 minute reading time, I think it's time i grabbed a jacket and signed out.


Image: Brodsworth Hall

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